Best Start offers Nutritional Counseling Services, and Psychosocial Counseling Service.

Best Start offers Birth Preparation Classes to encourage normal, natural birth particularly at Best Start. Women and their partners learn exercise, relaxation, information and emotional preparation for birth.  The class is comprehensive class covering preganancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding, and the newborn. The focus is to help you find the techniques most useful for you for birth and a smooth transition to early parenting.

Instructors Donna and Trisha will provide you with a complete understanding of the labor process and how to cope effectively. Classes are a series of seven weeks held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings: 6:30-8:45 PM, (check calendar on website for exact dates and times.) To register: Call Trisha Olow 619-347-0579 or email at

*Register for classes around 26-28 weeks. Check the *Calendar* for upcoming classes. This class is covered by MediCal and Tricare for mothers receiving care at Best Start.

Best Start is excited to now offer an abbreviated “Birthin’ Again” childbirth preparation for non-first time parents, who have already experienced labor and birth. It is a 2-session class held on the weekend, consisting of Birthing From Within activities, including birth art and pain-coping practices. The sessions are led by Susan Melnikow, nurse-midwife and Birthing From Within mentor. If you are a Best Start client, and have MediCal or Tricare, the cost will be covered by your insurance. For more information contact Susan at 760-644-4496 or email:

Birthing From Within® Childbirth Preparation Classes

Birthing From Within® Childbirth preparation classes offer a unique balance between vital information and self-discovery. The Birthing From Within® mentor facilitates and holds space for mothers and their partners to discover and follow their individual and joint journey through pregnancy, labor, birth, and into parenthood. Birthing From Within® classes are very dynamic. Parents can expect to learn several pain-coping practices, labor and birth positions, how to get information and make decisions, as well as recognize and understand their assumptions, motivations, hopes, and fears through art, discussion and role-play.

Typical topics covered in childbirth education classes include:

  • Normal labor, birth and early postpartum
  • Positioning for labor and birth
  • Pain management techniques
  • Labor support
  • Communication skills
  • Comfort measures (breathing strategies, relaxation and massage techniques)
  • Risks and benefits of medical procedures
  • Breastfeeding
  • Healthy lifestyles
HypnoBirthing is a method of hypnosis that trains you how to trust your body, relax and let birth happen. Your body was made to give birth – it’s a natural part of life. In HypnoBirthing, we give you the information you need in order to release all the fear and look forward to your birth. We give you the tools to work with your birth partner and care-providers to create a safe and loving environment to give birth to your baby. Visit my website today- and let’s get to work! I’m with you every step… or call Care at 858.254.9515